Musical Submissions to Lomond Radio

Lomond Radio accepts musical submissions from artists who would like their material to be considered for playout on the stations programming.

Send your submissions at a minimum bitrate of 192k in either MP3 or WAV format to

All submitted tracks are assessed by our music management team for suitability and fit for playout on Lomond Radio.

We will not play any tracks which include profanity, sectarianism, bigotry, racism or political views of any sort and we reserve the right to refuse playout of any track.

Lomond Radio was formed at the start of the first lockdown at a time of great uncertainty and concern for the local population.  No-one knew what was ahead of us as we faced the COVID-19 pandemic together as a community.  We decided at the very outset that we wanted to offer a ‘safe haven’ from the terrible events occuring across the country and throughout the wider world.

We pride ourselves in providing light hearted entertainment for our listeners and will always strive to provide the most inclusive and inoffensive range of entertainment as we can.  Other than news headlines on the hour and half hour during the day, we will leave the stresses and strains of what’s going on in the world to the many media outlets who are qualified and competent on reporting and discussing such issues.

To that end, we will never deliberately play or say anything racist, bigotted or political and please let us know if anything ever slips through our net.

We hope you enjoy your time listening to Lomond Radio.