Lomond 60’s and 70’s

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Saturday 10:00 pm 12:00 am

The 60s and 70s show is sponsored by Lomond Eats and airs every Saturday night from 10pm to midnight.

The 50s were the birthplace of rock and pop but John believes that the 60s and 70s era is possibly the most important in the development of modern pop music into that which we know today.

John is passionate about playing 60s and 70s music and tries to put together a show which flows from one track to the next so that the listener can just sit back and relax and let the music transport them back in time to their beautiful memories. He also likes to throw in an oddball here and there to pique the interest of the audience and expose them to different types of pop music.

The reaction he loves to get is when someone tells him that they hadn’t heard a particular track he played in years and that it was their favourite and brought back so many memories. 

John loves to play requests for listeners because many a time a requested track takes him down different avenues of time and memory and sparks off another thread of music. He loves to hear why a particular track has been requested and why it is important to the requester, however, be careful what you tell him, he will probably announce it on air. 

The show attracts listeners from as far afield as Texas USA, Illinois USA, British Columbia Canada, The Snowy Mountains of NSW Australia, as well as down south in England and all over Scotland, even through in Edinburgh!

Come and join the soundtrack to your memories because great music is timeless.


Lomond 60’s and 70’s crew

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