Music Submissions


Lomond Radio Music Submission Terms and Conditions


We appreciate your interest in submitting your music for airplay consideration. By submitting your music to Lomond Radio, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before submitting.


Submission Guidelines


  • Explicit Permission
    By submitting your music, you explicitly grant Lomond Radio the right to play your tracks on our station.  This permission extends to  all methods of broadcasting and  streaming.  However, we guarantee we will not indulge in any other form of distribution without your permission.
  • No Contract Regarding Payment
    Lomond Radio does not enter into any contractual agreements regarding payment for playing submitted music.  Airplay is provided as a promotional service, and no financial compensation will be offered.
  • Correct Naming and Tagging
    All music submissions must be correctly named and tagged.  This ensures that your work is accurately represented when played on air.  Incorrectly labeled submissions may be excluded from consideration.
  • Content Restrictions
    • Profanity and Offensive Terms
      Submitted tracks must not contain profanity or offensive language.
    • Religious or Political Content
      Music with explicit religious or political themes will not be considered for airplay.

Decision and Discretion

  • Lomond Radio’s Decision
    The decision to provide airplay or not rests entirely with Lomond Radio.  Our team evaluates each submission based on quality, genre, and overall fit with our station’s programming.
  • Finality of Decision
    Once a decision has been made, it is final. We appreciate your understanding and respect for our editorial discretion.

Support for Up-and-Coming Artists

  • Advocacy and Support
    Lomond Radio is committed to supporting up-and-coming and unsigned artists.  Our purpose is to provide a platform for emerging talent, helping to promote your music and introduce you to a wider audience.
  • Community Building
    We believe in fostering a vibrant music community and celebrating creativity.  Your submission contributes to this mission.

Contact Information

For any inquiries related to music submissions or these terms and conditions, please contact our team at

Please note that these terms and conditions are binding upon submission of your music.  Thank you for choosing Lomond Radio to help promote your work, and we look forward to hearing your music on our station!